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"Borderless" Project

In April the 10th-14th and May the 15th-19th, the "Borderless" Project was launched between Karoly Mihaly Highschool and our highschool children. Among the rich activities we have carried out within 4 days in Budapest, we visitied the following tourist attractions: the House of Parliament, the Margaret Island,Gödölö, the Elisabeth Observer and we sailed on the Danube. Our guests, as well, visited the following tourist attractions from our country such as: Hunedoara Castle, the Fortress of Deva, Alba Iulia city, Rimetea area and the Red Tower from Ilia. In Ilia we visited Betlehen Gabor's native house where we served "gulyas".Technical activity has also taken place. The high school students from the two schools created business plans in groups of 8-10 pupils which they presented at the end of the project.